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Client Testimonials

“We were so lucky to have been referred to Jelena when my teenage daughter was very ill. Jelena was a Godsend to her. Jelena went above and beyond what I have ever expected to help her. There really are no words to describe how positively she has helped our situation. A daughter who had never been exposed to Chinese medicine and VERY reluctant. She is now doing so well and interested in helping others in this way when she gets older. I just feel thankful everyday for having had this wonderful woman help us during a very difficult time!”

Melbatoast (citysearch)

“I’ve seen many practitioners over the years, but after I found Jelena I haven’t needed to look any further. She is smart, talented, educated and she listens to me! Then she helps me, offering ways that work for my lifestyle. She has given me acupuncture, herbal remedies and helped me change my diet to address a range of issues – sleep difficulties, digestion, women’s issues, and allergies. My mind, body and soul are all deeply grateful!

I highly and without reserve recommend Jelena, you will be in good hands!”

xenap (citysearch)

“I went to see Jelena after a recommendation from my sister. She listened attentively as I told her my past medical history and asked questions that other health care providers usually skip over. She told me what another alternative therapist had said, that my liver seemed heavy and stagnant. She knew just the herbal tea I needed and then performed acupuncture. Three months of tea drinking later, I felt at my best and I know it was because of her help. I highly recommend a visit to see her. Thanks, Jelena!”

Antonia84 (citysearch)

“Jelena truly puts her education and intellect to work to help you heal the root of your ailment. Her treatments are very calming and restorative- I always look forward to them and feel great after.”

MMH (citysearch)

“After your first treatment with Jelena, you will wish you had gone to see her years ago for whatever health concern you may have. She is kind, warm and holistic in her approach. Her experience and doctoral-level education are brought into every personalized session. Jelena has helped me find the root of my health concerns and brought awareness to how I can help my body be well. Among many talents, she is especially gifted at getting rid of headaches. She is a true healer in that she guides you back to wellness with empowering education, wonderful treatments and sincere support. You will be blessed to have Jelena on your health care team!”

emilysoiney (citysearch)

“Jelena is a very talented, knowledgeable, and grounded acupuncturist who has helped me clear up menstrual pain, cramping, and headaches. She is easy to talk to and takes great care in her patients. Her treatments also helped me balance my emotions and stagnant energy in my body. I would highly recommend her, and have great confidence in her abilities.”

KKS (citysearch)

“I started seeing Jelena a few months ago, at the recommendation of my homeopath. I have been trying to cure candidaisis (intestinal yeast condition) for some time now and it was proving to be a very difficult task. So, we thought it would be a good idea to try some acupuncture and see if that may be helpful. And it certainly has been! With combination of treatments and Chinese herbs I am well on my way to recovery. Jelena’s support has been amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable about her trade, with quiet confidence which she exudes the moment you meet her. She has a wonderful way of making people feel safe and welcome in her environment. Her knowledge spans a wide range of subjects, nutrition being one of the most important ones.

After a few treatments, I told Jelena that while I am on the table she is able to get me to relax to a point where i feel like my body is floating, and not actually on the table. What a great feeling, so conducive to healing. I give my warmest and highest recommendation to Jelena!”

trifunovici (citysearch)

“As we were going thru Invetro Jelena came with us to our egg retrieval surgery. It was a God sent to have her there. I would highly recommend Jelena to anyone going thru infertility. She is a wealth of knowledge in this department. To find someone who cares and really truly wants to help you is rare these days. Thanks again, Jelena, for helping our dreams come true.”

JC31 (citysearch)

“After my 4th miscarriage, I decided to try accupuncture to help with my fertility and to finally stay pregnant. I found a clinic in Minneapolis that specialized in fertility accupuncture and that is where I met Jelena. She thoroughly went over my history of pregnancies and how/when the miscarriages occurred. Then gave me a plan of how she thought we should work together. At this point I was trying everything. So I was also seeing a Reproductive Endocrinoligst at the same time. I made sure both of them knew this and we worked together. The first month was observation of how my body and cycle was working. Then we started with some medicines from the doctor and Jelena planned her accupuncture accordingly. Low and behold I got pregnant my first month and continued with the accupuncture with Jelena until I was 12 weeks along. The only reason we discontinued the accupuncture was because Jelena moved to Portland to get her doctorate. I really enjoyed working with her. She was immediately warm and friendly… very easy to talk to. Especially because it was something that I was feeling so much pain about. She is very caring and gentle. Not only did the accupuncture help with fertility, but also with stress and my morning sickness. I had a beautiful baby boy and five months later was pregnant again… so two perfect little boys! I highly recommend Jelena for any accupuncture treatments, and especially for fertility care.”

HeatherMpls (citysearch)

“When I pretty much had given up on getting pregnant again, I was referred to try acupuncture to help with fertility. My friend recommended I try the clinics at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. After going to the college twice I realized the commute was too long and asked them if they recommended someone closer to town. They gave me Jelena’s name. We started treatment and herbs late November. By mid January I was pregnant! It is worth mentioning I had just turned 44 and have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for over 20 years. I never thought I could get pregnant without drugs. Not just that, but Jelena’s truly caring nature added to her services. Thanks a million Jelena!”

Portland, Oregon

“When I originally visited Jelena, I thought she might be able to soften the wrinkles on my forehead, and that she might be able to do something about the angry x between my eyebrows that had formed from years of chronic pain and disease. Much to my surprise, my wrinkles completely disappeared from my forehead, and my “pain lines” were so diminished, I can hardly see them. And the results have lasted for more than two months! All of that turned out to be gravy though.

I suffer from a rare, incurable, untreatable disease. With Jelena’s help, even that pain has lessened. In fact, one day I saw Jelena when I was in excruciating pain and within three minutes Jelena was able to give me relief. Acupuncture has turned out to be my miracle.

Now, I recommend Red Peony acupuncture to everyone I know. Jelena is a great practitioner. Portland is lucky to have her here!”

Portland, Oregon

“I am so impressed at not only the results of treatments for insomnia, but also the thorough care and concern Jelena has for my health and well-being. She is extremely patient and effective with treating my brother who suffers from addiction and mental illness. Peaceful relaxation, questions answered and significant decrease of harmful symptoms are all a part of the professional care my family members and I continuously receive from Jelena’s acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments.”

Portland, Oregon

“Jelena’s genuine care and down to earth manner made me feel calm and reassured after each visit. I was touched by her sincere efforts in providing the best treatment for her patients.”

Portland, Oregon
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