You’ve got an awesome baby on the way…but you feel awful?                              
woman worry

You have a little bundle of joy growing in your belly. You’ve been reading mothering and pregnancy magazines where all women look extremely happy, super fit and generally angelic.  So how is it that you feel so terrifically yucky?  The puking.  Your lower back hurts and you’re constantly tired. Every time you breathe you get more anxious about all the things that could go wrong.

Pregnancy is risky business. Growing another human being requires a lot of energy. Women need support. Unfortunately, Western medicine lacks resources when it comes to pregnancy discomforts. Most pharmaceuticals are off limits. This is where Chinese medicine shines.  Acupuncture in particular can be helpful to reduce:

  • nausea
  • pain
  • anxiety
  • labor duration
  • breech presentation

Lightheartedness aside, I take the treatment of pregnant women extremely seriously. If you are experiencing high-risk pregnancy I recommend you receive consent from your primary care provider before receiving acupuncture.

Your gorgeous child has been born. Now what?

When I was pregnant with my son, I was optimistic about postpartum. I thought: “Women have been doing this for ages, I’ll be just fine! Besides, I’ve waited for this baby so long, I will be elated after his birth.” BAM! Was I wrong! I was a weepy, lactating mess living in constant pain. And I realized something: I can help myself get through this.

Nowadays, I ask pregnant women to make a postpartum plan. Birth plans are great, but in my opinion, having a more detailed plan for when after you baby arrives is even more important. Scheduling time for yourself, recruiting helpers and having support of professionals when needed.

It’s also helpful to know that Chinese medicine can help in situations like:

  • postpartum depression and anxiety (severe cases definitely require additional therapies)
  • insufficient milk supply
  • musculo-skeletal pain (from overuse of arms & back)
  • Caesarian-section pain and scar-healing
  • Stress relief for both parents

Have questions?  Feel free to call or email or, better yet, schedule a free consultation with me.


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