Does it hurt?

Acupuncture needles are very fine and not hollow (like injection needles) but solid and they slide through the tissue easily. You rarely even feel a pinprick. After the insertion of needles, patients usually enter into state of deep relaxation and very often fall asleep. Women can feel more sensitive to treatments during ovulation or menstruation.

How long will I require treatment?

For reproductive issues, treatment once or twice per week for three months is usually needed for normalizing hormonal and reproductive systems. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the environment where follicles are developing needs to be enhanced for three months before egg release. Depending on the severity of the condition, some patients may require treatment for longer periods of time.

For general health conditions, treatment depends on duration and severity of the illness. Usually, weekly treatments are recommended.

Are the needles sterile?

Yes, it is standard practice in the U.S. to use sterile disposable needles

What should I do before and after acupuncture treatment?

Before acupuncture treatment make sure you have eaten, but not too recently. It is best not to have your stomach too empty or too full. Also, refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages before or after treatment.

For two to three hours after acupuncture treatment try to:

  • avoid stressful situations
  • keep yourself a comfortable temperature
  • stay out of drafts and wind
  • drink warm temperature non-caffeinated drinks if desired


  • do not expose yourself to bathing, showering or swimming
  • do not get too cold or too hot
  • do not excercise vigorously
  • do not have sexual intercourse

Why are these necessary?

In order for your body to adjust to the changes effected by treatment, a calm and consistent body state is needed. Staying as relaxed and comfortable as possible will best allow this adjustment to occur.