Why I Do What I Do?

I believe that healthy people create healthy families and communities. When we decide to start making choices that are good for our health, those choices will also impact people around us as well as our planet. Chinese medicine provides us with a wisdom that has evolved over millennia of human experience. It not only focuses on treating disease but on prevention and health preservation. By using the power of Chinese medicine, I am honored with an opportunity to create more health and happiness in my community.

My Approach To Health

I don’t have a radical approach to health.  I don’t believe that you have to give up most food groups and take handfuls of supplements daily in order to be healthy.   Making small sustained changes is usually more effective than going into extremes.  I strongly believe that approaching our bodies from a place of love and self compassion rather than from criticism and failure is a more effective way of achieving a state of vibrant health.

Education and Experience

In 2003, I received a Masters of Oriental Medicine degree, which includes acupuncture and herbal medicine studies, from the Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. After completing my Master’s degree, I founded the first acupuncture clinic specializing in fertility care in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After practicing for three years, I was awarded a doctoral fellowship and went on to pursue a clinical doctorate degree with an emphasis on women’s health and geriatric medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Apart from my advanced doctoral studies, I also trained with Randine Lewis, PhD, L.Ac., the author of The Infertility Cure and Jane Lyttleton, L.Ac., the author of Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine. Dr Lewis and Lyttleton are considered authorities in treatment of fertility issues with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have lectured in the U.S. and Europe and have been published in the international Journal of Chinese Medicine. I am a professional member of American Society of Reproductive Medicine. I am honored to be practicing in the beautiful city of Portland.